CIA + Hip Hop

May 12, 2006

Let's play a word association game with the CIA Hip Hop project:

  • group think. I think the entire class came to this conclusion early on that filling up the CoHo would be easy. It turned out tonight that it wouldn't. k.flay's draw was underwhelming. Perhaps we overestimated how many people she would bring in, but I think the timing of her performance was bad — she had already performed twice last week, so her own fan base may have been spent. Also, no mention of tonight's concert is on her website.
  • free riders. The class as a whole made a decision to unify to try to send a consistent message out. However, this came with the cost of having to manage everyone and reducing each person's accountability. I wonder what would've happened if each team had tried to do things themselves. I still think we would've had to collaborate to some degree, but maybe we joined up on too many action items.
  • apathy. "Of course there's no one here, this is midterms week" — random undergrad at the CoHo. It's definitely hard to get Stanford students to go to a concert of an artist they've never heard of.
  • saturation. "Way too much chalk, I heard people say that the chalking was lame. I just want to see the pavement!" — acquaintance of mine, 12:30am. Could've told me sooner…
  • fun. Of course, all of my comments are made in hindsight. I still enjoyed trying different ways to spread hip hop, and we were still able to get people to come to the concert. I have fun working with my team and the coaches. In retrospect, I think one thing we can take into the next project is to be more critical of ideas during the evaluation stage. Also, I think we should try to pay more attention to potential signals, e.g. the low attendance at the flash concert should've indicated to us that maybe current marketing campaign wasn't working.