Easy way to read Chinese news

September 25, 2006

NewsInChinese.com annotates Chinese news articles. When you mouseover each character, information about the pronuciation of the character and its meaning get displayed.

I never actually thought I would ever be able to read the following sentence in less than 30 seconds:

快讯: 叙利亚总统希望以色列和平共处

Syria’s president says he hopes for peaceful coexistence with Israel. (Or something like that.)


Chinese Fonts

September 5, 2006

Tired of the standard Chinese font you see in newspapers, Word processors, websites, etc.? Download some new ones.

School vs. the Real World

August 24, 2006

Top Ten Things to Learn This School Year

Like many Guy Kawasaki lists, there are more than ten things. Funny how most of his advice is about being concise, but hey, it’s his blog. Think of it as a bonus!


August 22, 2006

I hate calling my credit card company, the local IRS branch, customer support, etc. because it’s so hard to find a way to actually talk to a person. That’s where the gethuman database comes in, listing all the numbers to shortcut the interface.

For instance, if you want to talk to an actual customer representative at Apple, just press “0” at every prompt. For the Washington Post, just don’t press or say anything! What’s also nice is that the gethuman DB lists the appropriate phone numbers, which is very useful when companies don’t list their customer service #s (cough cough Amazon).