Idea: Connecting Cameras

Have you ever been the one who actually has to take the group photo?

First, you’re not in the picture because your friends care about you the least (otherwise, they would actually want you in the shot). Then, to make matters worse, everybody in the group wants a photo of *the same damn shot* with their own camera. The end result: you have to take the same picture 10 times.

Sometimes you have a intelligent friend.  He says, “Hey, just let me take it with my camera, and I’ll send you the pictures later.” However, sometimes said “friend” always forgets to e-mail the photos. For instance, I have a friend who constantly steals away part of our souls when we’re out, and always “promises” to send the pictures to us later. Without fail, it never happens.

Well, why not just have cameras that can send pictures to each other via a wireless connection? Then there’ll be no excuse for your friend not to give you the pictures right then and there.


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