Easy way to read Chinese news

September 25, 2006

NewsInChinese.com annotates Chinese news articles. When you mouseover each character, information about the pronuciation of the character and its meaning get displayed.

I never actually thought I would ever be able to read the following sentence in less than 30 seconds:

快讯: 叙利亚总统希望以色列和平共处

Syria’s president says he hopes for peaceful coexistence with Israel. (Or something like that.)


Krispy Kreme + In N Out

September 10, 2006

…produces this delicious creation. Gross.

Chinese Fonts

September 5, 2006

Tired of the standard Chinese font you see in newspapers, Word processors, websites, etc.? Download some new ones.

Why I Love Sports

September 1, 2006

YouTube: Stanford vs. Arizona 2004: ESPN Highlights 

We camped out for an entire week for this game, just so we could stand front and center, right behind Dick Vitale. There were probably 50 tents outside of Maples the night before the game. Sure, for a basketball-crazed school like Duke, that’s nothing, but for Stanford, that was really amazing…