TechCrunch 7

Nerds from all over the Valley flocked to tonight’s TechCrunch party, including this one. Main takeaways: the chance to reconnect with some good friends (or acquiantances), and to branch out a little bit. There are already plenty of pictures on Flickr, and I’ll add mine when I get the chance. And no, I didn’t collect my $200 dollars, but apparently someone paid $501 to attend.

Being at tonight’s party reminded me how disconnected from the Valley I’d been while in China. Nobody else in my travel group had ever heard of Flickr, Digg,, etc.


2 Responses to TechCrunch 7

  1. Char says:

    I don’t even know what a TechCrunch party is…or what it entails. I feel disconnected from the hospital world since being a way for so long. Time for my daily dose of scrubs.

  2. huey says: is a popular blog about Web 2.0 products. They’ve thrown a few parties in which companies can show off what they’re doing. Plenty of people from the Valley come to these parties to network.

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